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Haleakala Sunrise Tour

Haleakala Sunrise Tour

Ascending the Haleakala Crater is almost a rite of passage for visitors to Maui over the last 150 years, and now you too can experience this enchanted realm.

Known as the ‘House of the Sun’, this dormant volcano rises over 10,000 feet high, giving you breathtaking views of the island and surrounding area. Lava flows, cinder cones, and more give the crater’s surface an other-worldly moonscape appearance and is home to many endangered species including the Silversword plant. The contrast of the harsh volcanic landscape is juxtaposed with the amazing and beautiful sweeping views of the island below.

Immerse yourself in the sacredness of the summit as the sun rises, and imagine the demigod Maui lassoing the sun to give locals as much light as possible to tend to their crops. Explore the sights and learn the stories of this enchanted realm and the skies above, making for unforgettable memories.

This 6-hour tour includes a typical continental breakfast of fresh fruits, pastries, and beverages before the trip up plus a delicious hot breakfast at a restaurant. Enjoy French toast, eggs, hash browns, sausages, oatmeal and more once you return from the heavenly lofts.

This tour is a must-do while you are in Maui to remember this day as a bucket-list experience, reserve your spot today!

07/03/2023 through 05/03/2024
05/03/2022 through 05/03/2024

Day 1 Kahului, Maui has an airport and harbor, but more importantly, it's where the locals go! Be sure to explore the restaurants and shopping, and don't miss the island's most famous frozen treat, Tasaka Guri-Guri. It's not touristy, which makes Kahului an essential stop for Hawaiian authenticity.

05/03/22 - 05/03/24

Starting At $260

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Guests must be able to get in and out of transportation. This tour can accommodate a collapsible wheelchair. Not recommended for expectant mothers or guests with heart or respiratory problems.

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