Beachwalk Shopping Center


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Beachwalk Shopping Center

Beachwalk Shopping Center, opened in 2012, is perhaps the island's most pleasant shopping and dining area, with tree-lined walkways flanked by upscale shopping and top-notch restaurants and shaded seating courtyard where you can stroll, shop, eat and enjoy the fresh air.


Shopping in Bali is rich in artwork and handicrafts. Markets and stalls throughout the island showcase long-held traditions of wood carving, silver and gold craft, embroidery and more, particularly in Ubud, the island's cultural hub. Urban areas also have modern shopping centres that cater to all your shopping and entertainment needs, the most prominent being the pleasant Kuta Beachwalk. Among Pasar Badung, you can find shops and stalls selling all kinds of goods, from fresh fish, fruits, vegetables to Bali and Java crafts and textiles. On the other side of the river, Kumbasari Complex, there are a lot of small traders selling cheap batik garments, jewels, silverware and antique. As for the international style retail space, there are also a number of air-conditioned shopping centres in Denpasar, like New Dewata Ayu and Matahari, which are located facing Jalan Dewi Sartika. Moving out from the city, Sanggraha Kriya Handicrafts in the eastern suburb of Topathi (8 km from the city center) sells a wide variety of Balinese handicrafts at a fixed price. Yet, Bali's best shopping destination is not in Denpasar, but in the vicinity of Kuta and Sanur beach resort, or in the Ubud mountain resort, that are less than an hour's drive from the city. Kuta is a good place to buy cheap beachwear and trendy jewelry. You can go to Ubud to buy the best traditions and modern Balinese wood carvings, ready to bargain with the seller to get a satisfactory price.